We specialize in quick home sales for whatever reason you may need! Whether it's foreclosure, divorce situations, immigration problems, bankruptcy, a poor condition home, or even if you just want it sold and your money fast!

Regardless of your situation, we strive to ensure you get the maximum dollar for your property, while providing a complete solution.


  2. First, we give you a free home market evaluation to determine the value of your home. We do this by showing you what similar properties in your neighborhood have been selling for in the past 6 months.

  4. We then assess your specific situation to determine your needs by acquiring more information about your property. This can include mortgage information, stage of foreclosure, or simply how fast you need to sell.

  6. Once we gain a better understanding of your situation and needs, we explain all of the options available to you based on your assessment. We will give you several different options to choose from based on how fast you need to sell, how fast you need the money, and how soon you want to move.

    OPTION #1:

    Sell your home "AS IS" to one of our many investors on the same day, and get your money within a few days!!

    OPTION #2:

    We will show you a way we can sell your house the same day in the market, and get you your money within a few short weeks.

    OPTION #3:

    For those who have more time, we can show you how we will maximize the value of your home and sell it within a few weeks, which means you will receive your money within a month or two. This also gives you more time to move.


We are highly experienced in today's real estate market and values, the foreclosure process and legal real estate situations. We have outstanding contacts in mortgage financing and real estate law. As complicated as your situation may be, we have the resources to provide you with a solution. We take care of contacting the necessary parties (banks, lawyers or trustees) in order to fix your problem. Take the first step in creating a brighter future for yourself and give us a call today!